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Watch President and Founder of MBA Polymers Dr Mike Biddle on TED Talks, - in this short talk Mike shares the MBA story of reaching a plastics recycling solution for sustainability. In a recent follow up entry on the TED Blog, Mike replies to questions and comments regarding his TED Talk. Read his response to the questions here >>.

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Business and Trade Press

The-Garbage-Man Popular Science: 14/4/2012, "Mike Biddle knows how to Free the World from having to make new plastic, Forever -  >> read article

Future by Semcon: 12/1/2012, "Mike Biddle knows how to recycle plastic - Q&A with a plastics expert,” >> read article
TED Blog: 10/22/12, "Mike Biddle replies to questions and comments about his 2011 TEDTalk,” >> read article
SingingDog: 10/22/12, "'Betting the Company' on Sustainability-Driven Innovation in the B-to-B Jungle,” >> read article
Fast Company - Co.EXIST: 7/1/12, "Meet the Man Figuring Out What To Do With All That Plastic Waste,” >> read article
Digital Journal: 3/15/12, "EPEAT Expands Leadership to Accelerate Green Electronics Momentum,” >> read article
Plastics News: 12/19/11, "LittleFootprint Hopes Customers Take Shine to HedronLED Lamp,” >> read article
Scrap Magazine: 7/1/11, “Recycling More of the Car,” >> read article
Economist: 12/9/10, “Dr. Biddle Wins Innovation Award,” >> read article
Plastics News: 9/23/10, “Plastics Recycler MBA Wins Economist Award,” >> read article
Recycling Today: 9/23/10, “MBA Polymers Founder Receiving Energy and Environment Award at Innovation Awards Ceremony,” >> read article
Plastics News: 2/26/07, “Recycling in China Rife with Challenges,” >> read article
Scrap Magazine: 7/1/06, “Blazing the Plastic Recycling Trail,” >> read article
Red Herring: 12/12/05, “Reinventing Energy,” >> read article
Red Herring: 10/31/05, "Plastic Surgery,” >> read article
Forbes: 10/31/05, “Junk into Money,” >> read article
Recycling International: 4/1/04, “Breaking the Plastics Industry Mold,” >> read article
Entrepreneur Magazine: 12/1/02, “What's Hot: Searching High and Low for the next Bill Gates,“ >> read article
Recycling Today: 11/1/02, “Providing a Better Home for Waste,” >> read article
Inc. Magazine: 9/1/02, “America's Most Innovative Companies,” >> read article
Silicon Valley Business Journal: 3/16/01, “Recycling Executive Makes his Mark with Trashed Computers,” >> read article
Electronic Business News: 11/1/00, “New Life for Old Plastics,”
>> read article
Scrap Magazine: 11/1/99, “Plastic Recycling Pioneer,”
>> read article

Press Release Library

MBA Polymers Press Release: 4/15/14, "MBA Polymers Wins 2013 Katerva Sustainability Award" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 2/18/14, "MBA Polymers' President and founder to tackle new challenges" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 1/28/14, "MBA Polymers to add new jobs at Worksop after major financial investment" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 1/24/14, "MBA Polymers receives major financial investment" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 4/10/13, "MBA Polymers announces EuCertPlast certification for its Austrian plant" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 2/13/13, "MBA Polymer's Dr Mike Biddle on expert panel at Yale's Environmental Film Festival" >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 2/13/13, "Leading plastics recycler calls for VAT exemption on recycled plastics” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 12/11/12, "MBA celebrates 20 years with major innovation and environmental awards!” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 12/5/12, "MBA Polymers President and founder receives Gothenburg Award,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 11/30/12, "MBA Polymers named Going Green Silicon Valley Global 200 Company of the Year,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 11/14/12, "MBA Polymers selected as a GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 Winner,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 10/27/12, "MBA partners ALBIS at Fakuma International Plastics Trade Show,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 9/28/12, "MBA Polymers Appoints New Commercial Supply Chain Manager,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 9/5/12, "MBA Polymers Appoints New Business Development Director,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 7/9/12, "MBA Polymers Appoints New Global Supply Chain Director,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 6/15/12, "Dr. Biddle Speaks at Rio+20, the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 12/19/11, "MBA Polymers Appoints New CEO to Drive Future Growth,” >> read article
MBA Polymers Press Release: 10/21/11, "Managing Director of MBA Polymers China Elected to VP of Replas Steering Committee,” >> read article

Popular Press / Other 9/11/09, "How Companies Grow through a Recession,” >> read article 1/1/09, “Will Green Tech be the Next Investment Bubble?” >> read article
Sierra Magazine: 1/1/07, "Master of Plastic,” >> read article
TIME: 12/12/05, "E-Waste Meets its Re-Maker,” >> read article

Video Library

Corporate Video >> watch video

“Smarter Plastics for a Smarter World”. See how a company has started a revolution in plastics sustainability, breaking the code for recycling complex waste streams.

MBA Global >> watch video

“Leading Global Plastics Recycling Company”. See MBA’s plants in US, China, Austria and UK and meet its top management.

CNBC Interviews Dr. Biddle >> watch video

“Re-Creating The Plastics Industry”, Live CNBC Squawk Box TV interview by Geoff Cutmore of Dr. Mike Biddle in London, October 20, 2010.

"What We Do" >> watch video

See MBA’s Austrian plant and learn more about how MBA creates new plastics from very mixed and complicated waste streams.

Economist at Innovation Summit >> watch video

Dr. Biddle is interviewed by Tom Standage the Technology Editor for the Economist, at the Economist Innovation Summit on October 22, 2010.

CBS Eye on the Bay >> watch video

CBS TV show featuring MBA Polymers’ plant in Richmond, California in 2005.

Economist Award Interview, Dr Biddle >> watch video

Dr. Biddle answers five questions about what winning the 2010 Economist Award for Innovation means to him and the importance of Innovation in companies, October 2010.


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