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The commissioning of our latest facility in Worksop, UK began in Q4 2010. The plant is ideally located to serve customers nationwide and is a joint venture with EMR (European Metal Recycling), widely recognized as the largest metals recycler in the UK, as well as one of the global leaders in the industry. EMR is committed to supplying MBA Polymers UK its full requirement of post-consumer waste.

Core Capabilities

MBA Polymers UK’s facility is the largest and most advanced plastics recycling plant in the world that focuses on recovering the waste plastics and rubber from “shredder residue” otherwise headed to landfill. These materials are the by-products from the large shredding and metal recovery process of end-of-life automobiles, appliances and other large metal-bearing goods and equipment that are traditionally recycled for their high metal content.

Plant Size and Capacity

This plant site covers approximately 13 acres and has approximately 11,700 meters² under its roof. It has an immediate processing capacity of 60,000 metric tons per year, but is designed for quick expansion to 80,000 metric tons per year.

Working with MBA UK

MBA Polymers UK provides its customers with a sustainable and consistent supply of high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. As well as providing a better environmental and economic outcome for these waste streams compared to landfill or incineration, MBA provides its customers the opportunity to respond to the market demand for more sustainable products. This is a growing focus of consumers, manufacturers and government agencies—all striving to create a more sustainable standard of living from an environmental as well as an economic standpoint.

From the perspective of our customers, we aim to encourage long-term relationships through stable supply and excellence in delivery performance.

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