MBA Polymers Leadership Team

MBA Polymers Leadership

 Richard McCombs

Richard McCombs - Chief Executive Officer

Richard McCombs joined MBA Polymers as CEO in September 2015, a position which he originally held from 1999 to 2011, when he led the company from its early stages to a multinational enterprise with proven, internationally recognised technology. Richard has most recently been a partner of Asia West LLC, an investment advisory firm specialising in helping clean technology companies expand into China. Prior to MBA Polymers, Richard was CFO of a publicly held company and began a successful joint venture in the Vietnamese rice industry. He has significant experience of raising funds from multiple private and public investors.

 MBA Mike Biddle

Dr. Mike Biddle - Founder and Board Member

Mike started MBA Polymers in his garage in 1992. He wanted to prove that plastics from complex waste streams can be recycled into high-quality raw material. Mike has built MBA Polymers into the worlds most advanced plastics recycling business by combining deep technical expertise and entrepreneurial brilliance with a drive to close the loop. Through his talks and lectures, Dr Biddle contiues to inspire other entrepreneurs to develop innovative hi-tech solutions in the waste sector.

 MBA Jim Zechinati 

Jim Zechinati - Director of Engineering

Jim has over 40 years experience in plastics technology in areas of recycling, operations management, engineering, and technical management.  As Vice President of Operations for Associated Materials, Inc. he directed the research and manufacturing of a one billion dollar company producing plastic construction products. In this and previous companies he has developed world class manufacturing facilities and has driven technical innovation.

 Brian Riise

Brian Riise - Director of R&D

Brian has worked in Research and Development with MBA Polymers for the past 18 years. His work has focused on identifying and developing the processes and formulations necessary to produce high value plastics from shredded end-of-life electronics and automobiles.  Brian has a PhD in chemical engineering from UC Santa Barbara, where he studied the rheology of polymer blends and block copolymers.

 Wolfgang Ganser 

Wolfgang Ganser - General Manager at MBA Austria

Wolfgang joined MBA in 2006, excited by the idea of plastics recycling. He took on the role of General Manager of MBA's Austrian facility in 2012. Within this role he is responsible for helping to increase the yield and output of the plant, including developing new materials, in order to maintain our competitive advantage. He works closely with the sales team and on strategy, and to understand how our products are used by customers – mostly global manufacturers – and how they could be used by other companies.

 Arnold Lim 

Arnold Lim - General Manager of MBA China

Arnold joined MBA in 2005 as part of the engineering team responsible for the construction and commissioning of the China plant and has held key technical engineering and operations roles prior to becoming the China plant General Manager in 2016. In his present role he is responsible for improving plant yield and productivity, developing new customers and applications, and implementing MBA’s strategy of being a global provider of recycled plastics.