MBA Polymers Austria Kunstoffverarbeitung GmbH

MBA Polymers Austria Kunstoffverarbeitung GmbH, located in Kematen an der /Ybbs, is a joint venture between American-based MBA Polymers Inc. and the Austrian Müller- Guttenbrunn Group. MBA Polymers is the majority and managing shareholder. The plant started commercial operations in Q2 2006.

Core Capabilities

This plant produces high quality post-consumer ABS, HIPS, and PP plastic resins from end-of-life consumer products for reuse in a multitude of applications, including those that require UL, RoHS and REACH certifications. Our raw material source is waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Plant Size and Capacity

Our Austrian plant is one of the most advanced plastics recycling facilities in the world, covering approximately 20,000 m², with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year.

MBA Polymers Austria employs a staff of about 70 highly qualified personnel in a 3-shift operation, operating and supervising the individual production stages, quality assurance, and preventive maintenance.

Working with MBA Austria

MBA Polymers provides its customers with a sustainable and consistent supply of high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. As well as providing a better environmental and economic outcome for these waste streams compared to landfill or incineration, MBA provides its customers the opportunity to respond to the market demand for more sustainable products. This is a growing focus of consumers, manufacturers and government agencies—all striving to create a more sustainable standard of living from an environmental as well as economic standpoint.

From the perspective of our customers, we aim to encourage long-term relationships through stable supply and excellence in delivery performance.

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