Guangzhou GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co., Ltd (MBAPC) is a Sino-US joint venture between Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. (GISE) and MBA Polymers, Inc. MBA Polymers is the majority owner.

MBAPC is located in the Nansha Economic Development Zone District of Guangzhou, within 45 minutes of most major global manufacturers of consumer electronics and IT equipment.

Core Capabilities

This plant produces high quality post-consumer ABS, HIPS, and PP plastic resins from WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) for reuse in a multitude of applications, including those that require UL, RoHS and REACH certifications.

Plant Size and Capacity

The MBAPC plant is similar in size and capacity to MBA Austria. We employ nearly 150 people here, with key management staff holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. MBA’s strong Research & Development team in the U.S. is dedicated to supporting MBAPC as it continues to grow.

Working with MBA Polymers China (MBAPC)

MBAPC provides its customers with a sustainable and consistent supply of stable, high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR). MBAPC also provides on-site technical service in support of its customers.  These attributes ensure our ability to develop long-term partnerships with customers.

As well as providing a better environmental and economic outcome for these waste streams when compared to landfill or incineration, MBA provides its customers the opportunity to respond to the market demand for more sustainable products. This is a growing focus of consumers, manufacturers and government agencies—all striving to create a more sustainable standard of living from an environmental as well as economic standpoint.

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