Applications Using MBA Polymers EvoSource™ Plastics

Manufacturers the world over are utilizing our reliable materials for applications from appliances and consumer products to industrial parts. Our clean, consistent materials reduce the need for virgin petrochemicals, while saving more than 80% of the energy it takes to produce them.

Here are just a few of our recent customer applications -



Innovative and Pure design

- coffee machine components

Product: EvoSource™ ABS 4535

Brand: Nespresso

Green Range vacuum cleaner


Product: EvoSource™ ABS 4136

OEM: Electrolux Floor Care and

Small Appliances AB, Stockholm,


Office products

Product: EvoSource™ HIPS 3122 E & PS 3122

OEM: Spichtig AG,

Steinen Switzerland

Energy-saving LED Personal Task Lighting

Product: EvoSource™ ABS 4535

OEM: LittleFootprint ™ Lighting, Inc.,

Santa Cruz, California, USA


Office stamp components

Product: MBA Polymers ABS 4134

OEM: Trodat GmbH, Wels, Austria

Printer and copier using recycled plastic

Components to help OEMs achieve EPEAT Ratings for Imaging Equipment

Product: EvoSource™ ABS 4535

OEM: various major printer manufacturers

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